pure airbrush makeup systems

We carry Pure Pro Airbrush Cosmetics & Airbrush Systems.

pure airbrush makeup systems

When you purchase your airbrush system from us you get free education monthly to teach you tricks and shortcuts to get the most of your Pure Pro Airbrush System.

FAQ's Below

How Do I Color Match my Skin Tone?
Take all the foundations in your Make Up Kit.
Shake well for 15-20 Sec till you see the color of the foundation of the Color Mixed Well
Spray a steak of the Foundation which is closest to your skin tone on the side of your face.
Place 4-6 drops of the selected shade into the airbrush cup.
Gently begin to spray product onto your face using a circular motion. It's important to remember that you should spray a light, delicate coat of product on your skin. Never pull the airbrush throttle all the way back unless you are cleaning out your stylus. Pull any further and you will produce a very thick unattractive coat. Go light with your coverage and then re-coat 1 to 3 additional times or until your desired results are achieved.

How long lasting is Pure Pro Make up?
Pure Pro is designed and is made with the highest grade of ingredients and last up to 12-15hours depending on skin type. To get a long lasting affect make sure you cleanse your face properly and is free of any other products before application. Pure Pro is a very light weight and sheer make up and building light 2-3 layers will give you full coverage depending on your skin type. 

Is Pure Pro work with my skin type?
Pure Pro is designed for everyone and every skin type, no matter what your skin type dry, combination or oily. We guarantee that you will find your perfect color match and with our mineral & water based product. Pure Pro will never clog your pores or irritate your skin unlike conventional makeup. 

Can I use other products in my Pure Pro Machine?
Pure Pro make up is made with ingredients which are so microscopically go through our machine and give you the most flawless Silk like finish. Using other products have silicon and other ingredients that will end up clogging the machines. Your warranty will be invalidated on the machine.
What is the warranty on my Pure Pro Machine.?
We offer a One year warranty on the machine. Additional warranty can be purchased for another year for $20.We replace it with a new machine on the additional warranty.

My Stylus is not working?
The stylus usually stops if you don’t rinse the stylus and let the makeup dry up in the stylus. Rinse it with hot water and use a Qtip to clean any make up builds. Be careful and push it hard and not bend the needle in the stylus.
Pour water mixed with rubbing alcohol into the airbrush cup put your finger on the tip of the airbrush stylus and let it bubble clean out the make-up build up. Watch our how to do videos for further help.

Do I need any special Solution to clean my Stylus?
No you do you just water and a Qtip that can do the job. We suggest you use water and rubbing alcohol to disinfect the stylus once a week.

How Long Will it take for my order to be shipped?
All orders are shipped 24-48 hrs from the next day of receiving the order. If the product is backed ordered it could take up to 2-4 weeks. Holiday time shipping turns are 4-5 days.
If you need it rushed please specify and request rush shipping and pay the appropriate fees. Standard time to receive the product after we ship is 4-7 days in the USA and longer for international orders.