(Pay half on the day of procedure and the other half at your 6 week touch-up)
Example: For microblading, you pay $175 for the first session. Then at your touch-up appointment, 6 weeks later, you pay the other $175.

Microblading: $350 (includes one perfection session)
Brows: $300 (includes first touch-up)
Eye lash enhancement: $300 (includes first touch-up)
Eye liner: $300 (includes first touch-up)
Lip liner: $300 (includes first touch-up)
Blended lip: $375 (includes first touch-up)
Full lip: $425 (includes first touch-up)
Lash Enhancer: $250 (includes first touch-up)
Touch-up/Perfection Session $100
Corrections by Consultation

 Heather has been offering permanent cosmetics since 2010. She is certified with Everlasting Brows, which is Microblading for the eyebrows. She loves performing permanent makeup procedures. Whether it is eyebrows, eyeliner or lips; she can help enhance your beauty. Imagine not having to have to draw your eyebrows on everyday. Anyone who might have the following complications will benefit from permanent cosmetics:
  • has allergies to makeup
  • has a hectic schedule and wants to save time when getting ready for the day
  • is athletic and doesn't want to worry about make up running
  • needs correction from scarring or hair loss (mainly with eyebrows)

When scheduling a permanent makeup procedure, Heather recommends reserving a day where you do not have to go to work or have a busy schedule. You may be a little swollen and sore the first day. She does apply numbing gels to help the experience be more comfortable. So... no need to stress! 

Procedures using the tattoo machine take about one hour. 
Microblading takes up to two hours. 

Microblading will last up to 12-18 months. The pigment for microblading is not deposited as deep as the pigment from a tattoo machine. This is great for people that do not want to worry about eyebrow trends changing. They can change the shape and color of their brows every couple of years. This is ideal for people that change their hair color frequently, or are just nervous about trying a filled in brow. Microblading, once healed, is a more natural looking option. 

Permanent Makeup will last, on average, 5 to 10 years. Sometimes, depending on the person, it may last longer. Feel free to contact Heather with any questions you may have. Feel free to stop by for a free consultation. She uses a real tattoo machine so your makeup will last longer and have a quicker recovery time.

permanent makeup